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Super Schema will increase your store exposure on search engines (like Google and Bing) and social networks (like Facebook and Twitter) by adding the structured data information to your store and products.

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Each successfully store has it own secrets. One of these secrets that are common to all successfully stores is the increase of exposure with advanced technologies that are supported (and recommended) for search engines and social networks. We are talking about structured data.

Structured data is on-page markup that enables search engines to better understand the information currently on your business’s web page, and then use this information to improve your business’s search results listing.
Super Minify configuration
Samples of search results in Google with structured data.

With structured data, your products will be more visible to any visitor that are shopping around the web. This technology enable new types of information on your site pages at search engines, showing the reviews and price of an product for example. These information attract the vision of visitors and increase conversions. By using markup to enable rich products information, you can attract potential buyers while they are searching for items to buy on Google or images that include products you sell.

We develop Super Schema to make easy the work of Magento® stores implements such structured data in theirs websites because we know that such markup is extremely technical and can't be implemented by anyone without knowledge of coding and implementation standards of structured data. Our module works with any template that you are using on your store by adding structured data with the standard for breadcrumbs, product info, reviews, search results and also for your organization information. The extension also implements the Open Graph standard to pages, categories and products making it a complete solution for structured data.

Features and Functionality of Super Schema

  • Increase store exposure on search engines
  • Increase store exposure on social networks
  • Implements standard to your store
  • Implements Open Graph standard to your store
  • Works with pages, categories and products
  • Enables the support to Rich Snippets on Google
  • The extension is a great helper for SEO optimizations
  • Best structured data method for schemas - Json-LD
  • Follows the best practices of structured data standard
  • No modifications to your current store template. Works with any template.
  • Support multi-store, multi-language and multi-currency stores
  • Easy installation and simple configuration
  • Fully translatable. Available by default in English and Portuguese
  • Clean and highly customizable code, without any additional changes to your store code
  • High standard extension by programmers with extensive experience
  • Works with Magento® 1.5+
  • Bug fixing guarantee
  • Free updates forever!

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  • A must have for SEO optimizations
  • Your store optimized for visibility
  • Works with any template
  • data markup
  • Open Graph data markup
  • Free support for 6 months
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Super Schema
Product: Super Schema
License: Full lifetime license
Support: 6 months

The license is allowed only for one domain.
To complete the purchase, you be redirect to Paypal. When the payment is confirmed, you will receive the extension in your email inbox and we will perform the installation if you include the installation service.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I run several web-stores. Do I have to purchase several copies of the extension?

One extension license is per one Magento® installation. It means that if you run multiple stores by the same Magento® installation (Magento® allows that), you don't have to buy additional licenses. If you are planning to use our products within several different Magento® installations, you need to buy a new extension license for each Magento® installations you have.

However, there's one more thing you should consider: if you purchase our products, you may install them to your Magento® development website. We assume a website to be the development store if it's not public and if it has no real orders / customers. In this case, you don't need to have additional licenses. You may install extensions on your production store and on your development websites under the same license.

How can I find out when the next version of the extension will be released?

If we release a new version of any extension, we will send a message to your e-mail address with the update instructions.

Do your extensions work fine with custom themes?

Generally, all our extensions work correctly with most custom themes if they were installed according to the instructions from the installation guide. However, some problems may appear because of a great number of third-party themes. In this case, you can always turn to our highly qualified support team and be sure that we'll resolve it as soon as possible.

Support & Documentation

If you have any questions, you can see our FAQ page, the extension documentation, or get in touch with us at

But of course, you do not need complex documentation; just install the extension, login at admin and go to Backend → System → Configuration → General → Design → Super Schema Options and make your changes.

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