Super Page Speed for Magento 1 / Version 1.2.16

Installation & Upgrade

Before Installing:
The first thing to do is to disable cache and compilation in Magento Admin.
- Access your backend and go to "System" → "Cache Management". Select all cache types and in the "Actions" options, select "Disable". Click "Submit" to disable.
- Go to "System" → "Tools" → "Compilation" and disable if is enabled.
- Now install the extension.

Installation or Upgrade:
In folder "extension", you will find all files for the extension.
Access your favorite FTP client, create and upload the folders and all files as below:
(The variable DIRECTORY is your magento install target. Eg: "/public_html/", "/www/magento/", ... )

- Put all folders and files of app/code/local/ShopInDev/SuperPageSpeed/ in DIRECTORY/app/code/local/ShopInDev/SuperPageSpeed/
- Put app/locale/pt_BR/ShopInDev_SuperPageSpeed.csv in DIRECTORY/app/locale/pt_BR/
- Put app/etc/modules/ShopInDev_SuperPageSpeed.xml in DIRECTORY/app/etc/modules/

- Go to "System" → "Cache Management" and click on "Flush Cache Storage" and "Flush Magento Cache" to clean all cache in your store. You can also refresh all cache types to make sure everything is updated.
- Select all cache types (included "Super Page Speed - FPC"). On "Actions" select "Enable" and hit "Submit" to enable all cache types.
- Check the extension working at your store.

ATTENTION: To enable the extension, you must enable specific cache extension in "System" → "Cache Management"

That's all!


You can customize the extension options in admin. Log in admin and go to "System" → "Configuration" → "Advanced" → "System" → "Super Page Speed Options" and make your changes.

After the customization, please make sure you clean all cache in your store.

ATTENTION: To enable the extension, you must enable specific cache extension in "System" → "Cache Management"

Super Page Speed and ManaDev SEO Layered Navigation Plus: For our extension work with SEO Layered Navigation Plus, please disable the option "Minify HTML" in the options page.

Reviews and Support

If you liked the extension (and we're sure you will like it), please leave a comment about what you thought of Super Page Speed ​​and how it helped your store in

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If you have any questions, you can see our FAQ or contact us at


Version 1.2.16
- Bug fix for 404 pages

Version 1.2.15
- Cache cleaning improvements for configurable, grouped and bundled products

Version 1.2.14
- Cache Request ID improvements

Version 1.2.13
- Improvements to clear cache when review has been saved

Version 1.2.12
- Fix for not cache 404 errors page

Version 1.2.11
- Fix to allow cache for multi-store with multiple domains
- Improvements for extension default settings

Version 1.2.10
- New option for enable or disable minify on Ajax request
- Improvements for extension settings

Version 1.2.9
- Performance improvements for store configs
- Debug mode

Version 1.2.8
- Performance improvements
- New default settings for common extensions compatibility
- Added session parameters to retrieve specific cache from other extensions

Version 1.2.7
- The extension now is enabled or disabled only by cache management page
- Added fix to prevent cache on redirect pages

Version 1.2.6
- Fixes for Magento 1.4 compatibility

Version 1.2.5
- Admin option to enable/disable HTML minification
- Fix for optional parameters on HHMV servers

Version 1.2.4
- Cache lifetime now is in minutes
- Dynamic session types for Magento messages now are configured under Admin

Version 1.2.3
- Dynamic block for Magento messages
- Optional clean cache on checkout success based on each product stock configuration

Version 1.2.2
- New observer to clean cache on checkout success

Version 1.2.1
- Fix for clean cache on stock change

Version 1.2.0
- New minify lib for more compatible HTML code

Version 1.1.0
- Implemented method for auto-clean invalid cache types via cronjob

Version 1.0.0
- Initial version for the extension