Super Email Preview for Magento 1 / Version 1.0.0

Installation & Upgrade

Before Installing:
The first thing to do is to disable cache and compilation in Magento Admin.
- Access your backend and go to "System" → "Cache Management". Select all cache types and in the "Actions" options, select "Disable". Click "Submit" to disable.
- Go to "System" → "Tools" → "Compilation" and disable if is enabled.
- Now install the extension.

Installation or Upgrade:
In folder "extension", you will find all files for the extension.
Access your favorite FTP client, create and upload the folders and all files as below:
(The variable DIRECTORY is your magento install target. Eg: "/public_html/", "/www/magento/", ... )

- Put all folders and files of app/code/local/ShopInDev/SuperEmailPreview/ in DIRECTORY/app/code/local/ShopInDev/SuperEmailPreview/
- Put all folders and files of app/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/shopindev/ in DIRECTORY/app/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/shopindev/
- Put app/locale/pt_BR/ShopInDev_SuperEmailPreview.csv in DIRECTORY/app/locale/pt_BR/
- Put app/etc/modules/ShopInDev_SuperEmailPreview.xml in DIRECTORY/app/etc/modules/

- Go to "System" → "Transactional Emails".
- Under that page, select the template that you want to preview (or add a new) and click on "Preview Template" to open preview page.
- An sidebar will be available on preview page to customize preview data on each transactional template.

That's all!


You can customize the template preview options under preview page. More info on installation session.

Reviews and Support

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Version 1.0.0
- Initial version for the extension