FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, see our FAQ below to find the answer


Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we develop a network of affiliated partners and you can find all the information regarding our Affiliates Program here: https://shopindev.com/affiliates

I run several web-stores. Do I have to purchase several copies of the extension?

One extension license is per one Magento installation. It means that if you run multiple stores by the same Magento installation (Magento allows that), you don't have to buy additional licenses. If you are planning to use our products within several different Magento installations, you need to buy a new extension license for each Magento installations you have.

However, there's one more thing you should consider: if you purchase our products, you may install them to your Magento development website. We assume a website to be the development store if it's not public and if it has no real orders/customers. In this case, you don't need to have additional licenses. You may install extensions on your production store and on your development websites under the same license.

I need a user guide for one of my extensions. Where can I get it?

If an extension is provided with a user guide, it can be found either in its package that you receive on your e-mail address. Please note that some extensions do not have user guides yet. Nevertheless, each extension has a readme file, which covers all the main points of the extension usage and it can be found in the extension package as well.

How can I find out when the next version of the extension will be released?

If we release a new version of an extension, we will send a message to your e-mail address with the update instructions.

Can you provide me with any samples of your products which are up and running on some live web-stores?

We respect our customers' right to privacy and do not release any information regarding their identifiable data. However, our demo store is a live example of our own Magento extensions installed on a live store. Also, each product has its own demo and you can examine it on the product page in the demonstrations block.

Are your products compatible with my Magento version?

You can always find out whether the extension you are interested in is compatible with a certain Magento version in the compatibility block on the extension page. All the compatible Magento versions are pointed in this page; every entry stands for a concrete version, not for a couple of versions around. For example, means exactly, not 1.6.x up to

It is strongly recommended to check out the product compatibility with your Magento version before the actual purchase.

Do you have any documentation?

We offer the following documents to our customers: a readme.txt file which comes within every extension package. Some extensions also may have a user guide and video guides.

What we don't provide is programming documentation. The code is open and you may study it, but no development notes are available as well as no APIs specifications, no description of customization possibilities and other.

I've purchased the extension in your store. However, it seems to be incompatible with Magento version I'm currently running. Can you fix it?

Our tech support team cannot assist you in resolving problems related to this incompatibility issue. All our products have a Compatibility block on the product page where you can find all supported Magento versions. So please make sure you've found your Magento version in the list of supported versions before purchasing the extension.

Magento 1.X

How to clear the cache?

After installing or uninstalling extensions, it is recommended to clear the cache. It is more preferable to flush your Magento store cache by deleting all the content in /var/cache/. Also, you can clear it in Backend → System → Cache Management: select all cache types, then choose the Refresh action and click the Submit button. Don’t forget to re-login after both these procedures.

How to make a database backup?

Before any changes you make, it is recommended to backup your data. In Magento, you can use a native backup tool in Backend → System → Tools → Backups. Here click the Create Backup button and wait for a while - the tool is now copying the data from your web-store database to your local database. Magento backup file appears in /var/backup/ after the procedure.

How to enable error and exception logging in Magento?

By default, Magento does not register messages about errors and exceptions; so if something bad happens, you don't even know.

To turn on the logging, you can navigate to Backend → System → Configuration → Developer → Log Settings and set the Enabled option to Yes. Don't forget to set full access permissions (777) to the following folder: /var/log, since that is the place where those log files are stored.

How to re-index data?

In order to re-index the products catalog data, go to Backend → System → Index Management. Select all elements, choose the Reindex Data action and click the Submit button. That’s all, it is not necessary to re-login to complete the operation.

How to manage the compilation option?

The compilation mode was made for compiling all files of Magento installation to create a single include path in order to increase performance - which doesn't work anymore. This tool should be disabled before the extension installation to avoid potential problems. You can temporarily disable it in Backend → System → Tools → Compilation by clicking the Disable button and the compiler mode will be disabled.


Can your extensions be localized?

Yes, almost every text string in all our extensions is a translatable label, which can be turned into any language you like via Magento native translation tool.
On Magento 1.x, it is available here: Backend → System → Configuration → Developer → Translate Inline.

Where can I find some instructions?

Each extension package contains a readme.txt file with installation instructions and base configuration steps. If required, the package has a troubleshooting section.

Installation problem: Class 'Xxxxx_Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_Helper_Data' not found

When installing an extension, you may encounter an error displaying a message like this: Class 'SomeEnterprise_Extension_Helper_Data' not found in /.../.../.../app/Mage.php. That could happen due to several things, and the most popular are:

1. You haven't cleared Magento cache right after the installation.

2. You haven't turned off the Magento compilation feature before the extension installation. In this case, we suggest rolling back the current installation, turning the compilation off, and making a new fresh installation of the extension.

Where can I find the extension license key?

Extensions from ShopInDev have no license keys. We don't use this method to check if the license conditions are compliant.

Do your extensions work fine with custom themes?

Generally, all our extensions work correctly with most custom themes if they were installed according to the instructions from the installation guide. However, some problems may appear because of a great number of third-party themes. In this case, you can always turn to our highly qualified support team and be sure that we'll resolve it as soon as possible.