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Affiliates available only in english.

ShopInDev is a dynamic market leading provider of Magento extensions and we like to invite you to become our colleague and a member of our successful fast-growing business. We are introducing our Magento affiliates program and welcome everyone to join it. Just refer users with your website, social network or email to our Magento extensions store and get $20 from every purchase made. The higher the sales, the higher your commission.

We created a simple table to show you how much you can earn by performing sales:

Total amount of sales Sua comissão
1 sale $20,00
10 sales $200,00
50 sales $1.000,00
100 sales $2.000,00
1000 sales $20.000,00

ShopInDev affiliates program perfectly works for:

  • Magento themes or extensions store owners. Expand your stock by adding our extensions to your store.
  • Bloggers who run blogs about Magento and e-commerce. You can write reviews or add banners to your blog.
  • Webmasters who own e-commerce or Magento forums. You can add referral buttons or banners, start discussion topics, ...
  • Developers and agencies that indicate extensions to improve stores and increase sales.
  • Anyone who has a relationship with Magento.

Join at our family now and start making money!

Send a email to support@shopindev.com with your account details, like name, website, contact details and Paypal e-mail account to receive commissions in sales. You will be notified on each sale made.

Please, make sure to read the Termos & Condições before registering in ShopInDev affiliates program.

Se você tiver alguma dúvida, você pode entrar em contato conosco pelo e-mail support@shopindev.com.

How to link

To help you, we created a basic link guidelines. If you have any questions or a idea for different approach, please contact us.

- To create affiliate-coded links simply add to the end of any URL of our store the parameter “a” and your affiliate ID.

- You can produce and use any image on your own website to help garner referral credits - you need not limit yourself! We do request that you not pretend to BE us, however... In the HTML code, just insert a link with your affiliate ID above the image code.

<a href="https://shopindev.com/br/magento1/super-shipping?a=affiliate-ID" title="Super Shipping for Magento 1">
  <img src="http://mysite.com/image.jpg" alt="Super Shipping for Magento 1"/>

When the user visits any link with your affiliate ID, our entire site will be marked with your ID to register the commissions on sales. This is done via cookie to a window of 30 days commission.