About Us

We are here to make the world a better place

Started up in 2013, ShopInDev becomes a Magento solutions provider, through extensions, support, customization and consulting for virtual stores. We always have this feeling that e-commerce (in special, Magento e-commerce) need some improvements to make the world better for everybody. ShopInDev was the project that we decided to go further with such an ambitious task to create a better world everywhere we go.

Our mission is not just to help store owners, we are here to help developers by providing technologies with the highest quality standards, store owners and salespeople with solutions to reduce time spent on administration and support tasks, and especially customers and buyers with features that lead to better buying experiences.

We know that when the experience is not good for a customer, everyone will lose a little in the process, so we are always working to change that fact. Since then, the results show how much our work has been compensated:

  • 99% of our customers are greatly grateful with our support and with the extensions that we provide.
  • ShopInDev has grown exponentially and today we become some of the top Magento solutions providers.
  • Great respect on developers community.
  • Trusted by people all over the planet.

We believe in human causes

One of our requirements is not to just help e-commerce business, but all kinds of peoples... so we made a deal with ourselves: 10% of our profits will be converted into donations to human causes such programs like ICRC and MSF. We love to help, and you will help us too when you buy some of our solutions. Be sure that you also are helping these human causes to make the world better!

We donate to ICRC and MSF

Talk with us!

Please send us a message in support@shopindev.com.
We love to hear what you think about us and if we can make something for you.